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Wise Turn Description

Wise Turn is one of the awesome logic games that has a unique approach to the gameplay. You do not need to be math genius to solve the puzzle game all you need is a common sense. Players should put the knobs on the correct path. They should get to the top. Red one move clockwise and blue ones move vice versa. There are hard ones that should be solved using a lot of efforts. Think beforehand and try to guess the future steps to not get surprised. It has a simple gameplay but definitely a great one to enjoy while having a rest. If you choose the correct direction the small arrow starts glowing so that you will know about it. If you have selected the wrong target, there is a chance to undo it and change to the place you wish. Sometimes you can pick a whole column and turn their path or select only one from a row. It may seem more sophisticated that it is in reality so try your luck and make sure it a is great puzzle game without any limitations and restrictions.