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Whack Your Neighbour Description

You will control the main character, which is represented here in the form of an ordinary guy. On calm weekdays, he quietly and peacefully fries his own sausages in the backyard, and at times plays with his dog. But one day a neighbor with a mustache comes to him and begins to talk about the fact that the main character's dog is bad, walks here on someone else's site. Moreover, he starts screaming at the boy, starts to shake his nerves. It is not the first time that he comes here and yells, exasperates. The mustachioed screamer must be punished. Teach him a lesson. And then the boy begins to fantasize about his punishment to the mustachioed uncle. The game area, where all events will take place, is the backyard of the protagonist with a bunch of different instruments and objects. By clicking on one thing, an event occurs. Click on the objects sequentially to see what will happen. Here you do not need to score points, you do not need to chase after achievements, you just have to look. The main character will in any way destroy his neighbor, and you can only clap on the subjects.