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Whack Your Boss Description

Not sure if there is a place for etiquette in the office? Here are some graphic lessons of bad behavior in the office. Please do not do all these things in real life. Because it hurts. "Soak the boss" an interesting specific game for those who have a too annoying boss, who gets all the workers for no reason. Here you have a unique opportunity to take revenge on the boss for all his humiliating insults and unpleasant behavior. You play instead of a regular employee who has a chance to take revenge on his boss. To control, you need only use the mouse buttons. The bottom line is that you are in the office and your boss comes to you, he starts to tell you unpleasant words and insult you as an employee. You choose any object in the cabinet and click on it, after that you should just sit and enjoy your boss's revenge. Your hero himself begins to beat him, everything happens as in the real world, blood splashes around the office. After that, you can call a cleaner who will clean up all traces of your revenge. Then everything starts anew, but you can use other objects and see what happens when another choice is made. This game is more suitable for adults who are in a similar situation. Here everything is done for real, but do not try to apply such tricks in real life, because it can be very painful. In this game you can play together, so you can invite your close friend and have fun with it, on an exciting adventure.