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Whack The Cheater Description

Family life is a complex process, accompanied by ups and downs. Spouses at first adore each other, and then often begin to hate cruelty. Folk wisdom says that happy families are similar, and every unlucky couple is unhappy in their own way. We invite you to take part in family disassembly of one couple in the game Whack The Cheater. After a dozen years of cohabitation, the wife suspected that her precious spouse was turning to the left. The lady once decided to follow the lustful male and found him right on the street, kissing a young girl. And then the enraged little woman flew off the reels and began to devise ways to punish the traitor, and for one of his ornamented passion. To the poor guy did not suffer in the search for a solution to the problem, we have already prepared at least twelve ways of sophisticated punishment for the traitor, in the game Whack The Cheater you must find the items that will give the command of the offended lady to settle accounts with the traitor. Find a suitable object, click on it with a mouse and enjoy a bloody fight, let justice prevail, and evil and treacherous treachery will be punished. When the action is completed, click Next and search for the next item. You are waited by the most interesting history with a taste of blood, generously seasoned with revenge. The game Whack The Cheater is more suitable for an adult audience, let the young couples think about their future and do not risk to marry tests of this kind. The toy is played on any devices, so it is available to a wide audience: and those who prefer to play at home in a quiet room at the computer, and fans secretly from the chef to have fun at work behind the tablet, in transport, buried in the smartphone screen. Playing on mobile devices: smartphones or tablets, restrain emotions, and they are sure to appear in the process of passing the game.