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Warface Description

The beautiful bartender at the bar is the favorite of all the men in the district, but her employer is a rare scoundrel, so every day the poor man recycles, goes plowing on a legal day off, listens to all sorts of dirt in his own address. Talking with a scoundrel will not work because behind his back there are always two armed guards who can start firing even inside a jam-packed entertainment center. Arbitrariness, created by a reptile, got one of the visitors who is genuinely in love with Cherry and wants to give her a happy, bright future. The girl responds with mutual sympathy, but can not afford even a kiss, because she does not have a minute of free time. If you break on the breakthrough in the office of the employer Cherry, you can meet a group of bandits that the whole army can not cope with, so you'll have to look for a more cunning way of eliminating the target. In the pocket, there is a gun, in the head a brain and language, which before the murders would not hurt to chat with strangers to find out some interesting details. Warface Description has become an ideal game for pacification, you become the life of the protagonist who is trying to achieve the ultimate goal of self-satisfaction, with the help of bloody scenes. However, much will require a logical analysis of the calibration and decision-making by the player, he has a wide choice of further development scenario. Pay attention this online game to everything, on all paths, doors, characters, they all carry a piece of adrenaline. You will plunge into the world of complete dramas and troubles. The relevance of the game consists in a live gameplay and a relatively long way of passing. If you adjust the murder without leaving traces, get out of the battle unscathed, giving your girlfriend the long-awaited freedom, then the hero will have a chance for a serious relationship instead of being imprisoned or lying in the cemetery