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War Heroes France 1944 Description

Rules of the game, passing, how to play: The game about the WWII. On the eve of the Great Victory Day games on a historical theme are especially relevant. In this game, we will talk about the period of the year before 1945. Destination: France, Normandy. The Allied forces are deploying a massive ground operation, opening up the long-awaited second front. You have to destroy Hitler's invaders in France. Game command, tactical. There are several soldiers in your detachment. One of them is you. The rest is controlled by the computer. In the Freeplay game mode, you can play not only for the Allies, but also for the Russian troops, or for the German army. Before the beginning of the mission, look at how it is marked. If you see TEAMDEATHMATCH Your task is to destroy the enemy and the first to reach the required number of points. DOMINATION check the flags marked on the map, as long as you can. Demolition looks for enemy boxes with Nazi symbols and minifies them. You will have to guard mined objects so that the enemy does not define them. In the game, you can choose the role ASSAULT soldier, MEDIC, SNIPER, SUPPORT supply. (Control keys for this game see above). You can play this game without downloading for free on the whole screen (press F11 to expand the game in full screen).