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Valerian Description

Valerian is an intriguing action game. Outstanding atmosphere in the game motived the players and keeps them alert all the time. Join the characters make friends and discover a whole new world. Valerian and his friends are on unknown planet searching new adventures. They hunt for precious coins and treasures. However, their task is not as easy as it seems. There are numerous obstacles on the way so watch out and avoid them or you will get hit and fall. This will be the end of the game. Starting slowly the hero gradually increases speed so follow his way and try to not miss coins. Jump over the barriers or slide through them. It is a crazy run with most entertaining concept. Have a lot of fun while playing running game and set unpredictable scores. Toe appear on the top list of international players you need to work hard. Focus on the road and direct the character on the correct side. This is your chance so get ready to defeat the opponents with high scores. Good luck on the game.