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Turbotastic Description

Turbotastic is an amazing racing game with the super speed realization. Wonderful car game offers a real intense competition. In fact, it is not an exact contest with several other cars. There is no limit or end to a road and cars. Your car is rushing in a crazy speed as you have time restriction. Drivers are given only one minute and a half during which they should show off all their driving skills and abilities. Drive as fast as you can and do not forget to pick the coins on the way. Besides the coins you can see also some rewards with surprise boxes. Special n signs increase your speed even more and it seems as if it is impossible to control the car as it moves so quick that nothing beside it is seen. A P sign turns your mini racing car into a tremendous truck. It can destroy the enemies by only touching them slightly. In general, when your car crashes into other cars the speed decreases except in the case of a truck. All these modes last a little and after it is over car returns to its traditional shape. Let’s try your capabilities and see who many miles you will manage to go.