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Trollface Quest: Sports Description

Trollface Quest: Sports is probably the most extraordinary sport game you have ever seen. It has very unusual gameplay and distinctive graphics. You will get addicted to the game mostly because of its unique settings. The principle character is rather week and his enemies often beat him so he makes up his mind to train his muscles and protect himself when necessary. You have almost fifty levels which are more than enough to get ready and get revenge. Each level consists of certain exercises you should take very seriously. There is a certain method to apply as to succeed the level. You should perform the actions in correct order otherwise it will be failed. The character needs some motivation to continue his training intensively and do not give up too soon. Can you help him overcome his weakness and become a real hero? Be patient enough and the results will surprise you. In the end you will have to defeat your opponent but before that you have a long way to reach the ultimate goal.