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Treasure Hunt Description

Are you ready for the fabulous treasure hunt in an attractive match 3 game? WE are going to search for jewels on various islands all over the world. Jewel game consists of fifty mysterious and wonderful levels and in the end a real treasure is waiting for you. Do not wait till others find the gold. Let’s get started now. Find at least three identical shining stones and join them right away. The longer the combination the bigger the treasure. In fact, you have limited number of moves so use them reasonably. Each level acquires fixed amount of jewels to collect. Usually you in every level you pick specific stone or several ones at the same time. Even if you lack one item mission is failed so you start it again. When you do not have any possible matches go to shop and purchase tools to destroy a part or change colors of the stones. So collect your money and use them carefully. Try your best and have fun with magic match 3 game. Find out what kind of treasure is hidden in the end.