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Toys Story Description

In this Toy story: Buzz against aliens game great events are going to happen. A tragedy has happened and green scientists are missing. The evil Zurg kidnapped them and they need a hero to save them. Buzz wants to go after them alone without any help but searching for them and learning about the situation in the universe he understands that it is impossible to do it all alone. He gathers a powerful team to go for their rescue. Zurg keeps them on an unknown planet that is full of various soldier aliens who protect him. Players ultimate goal is to find the scientist and set them free and to defeat the evil Zurg. Before they can achieve these players should kill all the aliens on their way. As soon as they land on a planet they start to attack. Get ready your weapon and do not stop shooting because you have only a few seconds before they will attack you. Every effective shot give you points. There are special aliens that cannot be killed by only one shot so be careful. Watch out to your life quantity. When it ends the mission is failed. Have a lot of fun in this gorgeous shooting game.