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Tiki Taka Run Description

Tiki Taka Run is an amazing soccer game with a special technique of one touch mastered by Guardiola and his team Barcelona. You are going to have a fine time with your favorite team. You should score a goal with a perfect teamwork. Start the game by sending the ball to other players and score the goal. The essential factor here is to do everything correctly and rapidly. Choose the right direction to pass on the ball and make sure your opponents cannot take it as they are on your way and will try to steal it. As soon as they get the ball you lose and start it again. Beat all the twelve teams in the league and become the winner. Prove that you are worth to be announced as the best player and receiver the golden boot. With each level the obstacles are harder to overcome so try hard and make use of your capabilities to win. This is your time to shine. You control the players of team and as one of them receive the you continue directing it so you deserve the best award. Take it home tonight.