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The Last Stand - Union City Description

Watch out zombies attack the town and destroy everything infecting the humans. You are a survivor in the zombie apocalypses. Here you should fight for your freedom and stay alive no matter what. Search for a safe place as a shelter to stay, find food, weapons to fight the zombies and other necessities. Players can meet other survivors and help each other, Players can give them tasks to do and unite to complete the ultimate goal as to find their partners who are lost in the chaos of the city. So the storyline goes following your actions. The events take place in the Union City that is located in the west of North America. The most part of population is contaminated so survivor should struggle not only the monsters but also hurt humans. One of the fascinating zombie games that offers a thrilling gameplay and realistic graphics. The Last Stand continues the traditions of previous series with a new approach of armor games. Go through difficulties and survive. You are the only hope of your partner. Good luck on your survival game.