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The Lance Description

Saddle the horse, because the Herald announced the start of a new tournament, which will be attended by all the surrounding nobility, led by the King! The first battle will be more like training, but this is normal because not all novice knights can immediately figure out how to strike an exact blow with a spear on the opponent. Free online fight The Lance will require accuracy and calculation. It is most reliable to hit the enemy in the head if he does not cover it with a shield. However, the shield can be split by a couple of accurate punches, especially by purchasing a new, more massive and solid spear in the gaming shop. In addition to the game store in the game, there is a pumping, which will allow your knight to try on a perfect armor and fight with the strongest contenders for the title of Champion! To run a horse, you need to click on the window with your knight as often as possible. During rapprochement with the enemy, you must precisely specify the place where you will try to hit him with a spear. To continue the game in some cases, you need to click on the spacebar.