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THE FLY SQUAD Description

"The_Fly_Squad" is a detail dress_up game with plenty of choices. Let's list all things step by step. 1. After choosing the body size (thin or fat) you have to choice her face details. Skin color, Blush freckles quantity, then styles of brows, eyes, eyelashes, nose, lips, and pick it's colored if it available. you can also add some tattoos. 2. Haircuts and hairstyles, their colors, shapes even a location. 3. Upside clothes underwear, blouses, dresses, shirts etc. 4. Downside clothes pants, leggins, shorts, skirts, stockings, socks, etc. 5. Jackets and coats, 6. shoes, sneakers, boots 7. decoration, jewels, accessories and hats 8. Bags, cases, with their own decorations. 9. toyed or real animals etc. We hope you will enjoy this game, cuz it will help you to choose the fashionable clothes.