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SWOOOP Description

Games with cartoonish designed characters are one of the most beloved by kids. Because they give unsteady things life sometimes even talking ability which makes those things, even more, interesting and exciting. Swoop is a little game about a little airplane which craves adventures. A colorful retro biplane feeling bored on a ground, he wants to sky. Help him to fly around a small magical island in the ocean. Collect as many precious jewels and get points from it. Try not to hook blades of the mill, stones floating in the sky and other unexpected obstacles. And don't let him fall to a critical height. And make sure you don't run out of fuel! You can collect giant jewels for winning access to big bonus levels that offer extra stones and fuel. Control of the game is very simple. Hold the aircraft in the air. click the left mouse button, or just tap on a screen (on the touch screen supported devices )may lift your biplane nose up. release the button and the nose of the plane will come down. Maybe, at first sight, it seems very easy. But getting a lot of points in SWOOOP takes a serious skill. So good luck to you.