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Super Dynamite Fishing Description

You play for the ruffian Joe, the poacher, the only way he earns from him is selling stupid fish. Every day Joe must pay for services, for example, poker debt or for a car. The game can go bankrupt, so watch your money. You can also buy gifts for your lover. If you buy one set of gifts, then opens one new location and several new weapons. The very first and bad boat is a bath. With it, you do not earn much and you will sooner or later need to buy a new one. You have to swim in the game (either by tilting the device or by pressing the edge of the screen, you have to reset the dynamite into the water and then take the dead fish.) You need to shoot ducks because they steal the fish. The player must perform different tasks for catching fish, A lot of money, there is also a special newspaper function, where you can see the prices of fish and weather, and the price of some fish is doubled.