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Super Brawl World Description

It is time for great fight between all Nick heroes from different stories. They all are gathered to compete and decide who is the best. There are almost eighteen characters and players are able to choose one of the offered options. A great world brawl is not a place for weak ones. All the heroes have their unique strength and abilities. Each of them is provided with special tool to fight. Progress through levels and gain many points to hoist the position in the international rank list. When you select one of the characters your opponent is set automatically. Heroes has a certain amount of heath and in order to win you should hurt the opponent so that its health will reach zero. You fight two rounds with each of them. As you win you go to next level to meet another enemy. After each victory characters are given a special gift that can help to upgrade your tools and your abilities. You can train yourself before each battle or watch other heroes fight on Brawl TV in this kids game. You have a lot of time to enjoy spongebob game with multiple heroes.