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STUNT MASTER Description

If you always dreamed of taking part in filming action scenes, then this free flash game is what you need! A little-known stuntman finally hit the set and now has to demonstrate everything he can to conquer Hollywood! So, a strict director gives the command "motor". Go! To complete the stage, you need to get from point A to point B, effectively overcoming obstacles. Before each level, you will be shown a video in which you will see what the stuntman should do to successfully shoot the scene. You can perform tricks on a motorcycle, car or on your own two. We'll have to fly over the precipices, smash the glass with your body, drive through shaky structures and much more. To play requires only two keys. To move forward, click the up arrow. The space bar is a jump for the person, riding on the rear wheel for a motorcycle and nitro mode for a car. The more tricks you do in the air, the more points you will earn. For broken transport, broken bones, destroyed scenery, bonuses are also accrued. What can not you do for a valuable movie! In the game, 20 exciting levels, go through everything and become a movie star!