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Strikeforce Kitty 2 Description

Have you waited? The Army of Cats has returned. This time in the game the evil foxes criticized again. We sent our valiant kittens to a heroic experience to capture the Fox fortress and carry them to the devil's grandmother, leaving them with no fang in their mouths. Let them know how to attack us, Fox muzzles. Do not forget that when you are pumping, your kittens will have the opportunity to upgrade, so that you can assemble things and wearing for kittens. Build your personal unusual squad and attire, wear cool suits, such as a Batman costume or Darth Vader! In the game, you build in a certain order your cats, which you pump from level to level, until they reach the level of the strike squad kittens and will not be able to defeat all the cunning foxes. In fights with foxes you play, or rather, manage, especially not have to, because your main task is to correctly choose the goals and correctly make a pumping to your unit.