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Stickman Archer 2 Description

Stickman Archer 2 return with completely new design and fresh options. It is a magnificent shooting game that requires precise accuracy and full concentration. It is time to try your abilities in archery. How well can you pick the target? The never ending stickman are attacking and you are alone with your bow. Think carefully and quickly to shoot precise shots to defeat the enemy at once. Taking into account the fact that depending on where you shoot your result varies. Make sure you target the head as in that case the opponent is killed immediately and the coins you obtain are higher. For shots at other body parts you get less points and the rival is defeated only after two shots. With the help of coins, you can unlock new characters and backgrounds that somehow change the atmosphere. Utilize the mouse click to target the aim, get back and shoot the rivals. It is high time to get all the opponents down and set a new score of defeating as many of them in a row as possible. Stickman archer 2 is the best option to relax. Get started.