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Stick Squad 3 Description

Stick Squad 3 is the continuation of the brutal sniper series for Android, which will introduce a highly qualified squad of stickers. Action-packed action begins in sunny Spain, where Ron and Damien are trying to track down the leader of a huge criminal organization. This time, mercenaries have to be leashed by law enforcement, but what can not you do for the sake of freedom? The player is expected to over 20 exciting missions, which involve the elimination of more than 60 criminal elements. Initial operations are trivial kills of one or more targets, but after a few orders, additional conditions begin to appear. Silent elimination, deceiving guards, staging suicide, camouflaging the corpse, capturing a lawyer, mass extermination of secret engineers all this gives the game a variety. Arsenal squad Stickmen represented powerful sniper rifles, pistols, and assault rifles so that the sophistication of cold-blooded orders here constantly varies. The fee for the mission depends not only on the unconditional fulfillment of the conditions but also on the accuracy of the successfully completed shots. Some operations require a competent calibration of the weapon to compensate for the wind or a solid distance to the target. Earned funds are spent on the purchase of new lethal weapons, as well as updating key specifications. Stick Squad 3 is distributed free of charge, but contains pop-up advertising banners and donuts. To manage highly skilled mercenaries there are several virtual keys and directly the weapon itself, which can vary from mission conditions. In most cases, you have to navigate through the optical sight and press the shot button in time. The brutal sniper shooter has a nice hand-drawn graphics, which stylistically differs little from other projects with stickmen. Well-traced locations, a lot of bloody effects and epic music this is something that has long enjoyed success among such games. Separate attention deserves ironic dialogues, which can be traced throughout the single-user company. Stick Squid 3 is a worthy continuation of the sniper series for Android, which will appeal to all lovers of stickers and exciting missions with mercenaries.