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Stick Fight Description

Here are a combination Stickman and fighting game. Fans of the genre should definitely like it. The toy is dynamic and cheerful. Ideal as a time killer. You will play for the protagonist, who stands in the middle of the field and waits, when already on it will begin to attack enemy soldiers. At first, your character does not have any weapons, except, perhaps, his hands and feet. Years of hard training make themselves felt, a person knows how to use their formidable fists. It is they who will be used by a young warrior in battles against a huge number of opponents. There are really a lot of them. To perform any action, in particular, a blow, you just need to click on the left or right side of the display. Your main character will deal with his enemies in every way. They will be thrown into the air, breaking their ribs, destroying them, and they will scream, give out screaming squeals, spit with black blood. The developers worked on the animation so that all the blows of the character are felt completely. Killed enemies bring coins. You can buy weapons for coins. As a weapon, I advocate cudgels, sharp braids, and sticks.