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Sprint Club Nitro Description

Definitely one of the best racing games with true feelings of risk. Sprint Club Nitro car game offers an extraordinary ride with a special racing car. The race is going to be intense and there is not step back. You cannot stop the ca as it moves just keep the pedals pushed until you get the destination. As you start the game you appear at the end of a line but do not worry. Your car has all the potential to move along the way and surpass all the opponents. The speed is crazily high so be careful on the sharp turn. Watch out the rivals as they will try to distract you. When you touch them you speed decreased and others outrace you so try to avoid them. When you cannot control the car directly and it goes out of the way you again risk to slow down it. Watch your way and do your best to get to the finish first. Your position defines he amount of your points. Collected money you can spend in the shop upgrading your car. Good Luck on the way.