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Speed Maniac Description

Speed maniac is a fantastic race game with overwhelming design and unique style. It is a car game with numerous capabilities and opportunities. Do you like speed and want to try your power with a new luxurious car than this is right time for you? Fly with the wind and do not even notice how fast you are going. Definitely opponents will try to distract you and prevent from your destination but do not let them get in your way. The trophy is there and it cannot wait long. It is rather simple jut push the pedals and do not let them until you reach the finish. Speed is your only true friend on the race game. Time is working against you so hurry up and get over the enemies. When you manage to get to the final destination first you already when but to obtain extra points you should do it quicker. You can follow the time running on the screen and each stage gradually decreases the amount of scores. Your opponents get stronger so save the money to improve tour car and later try to purchase a new valuable car more powerful than the previous ones to beat all around and earn more money.