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Sparkle 2 Description

Sparkle 2 is an outstanding match 3 games with mysterious concept of searching for secrets. The gameplay is rather extraordinary and attracts people for its unique form. The challenge in Sparkle 2 is clear but not an easy task to complete. Are you ready for some adventures? Let’s go deep into the world of mysteries. According to a legend centuries ago special magic keys existed in the world. But these keys were lost once and no one knows their current location. They can be found everywhere all over the world. They still wait the hero who will come and find them. Are the one who will manage to discover the keys or like many other participants will fail and unite with souls who could not escape the tricks on the land. There are five of them so you should find the keys by going through the enigmatic lands and darkness. Sparkle two offers ninety magnificent levels with overwhelming graphics and visuals. Players can make use of great number of combinations of various magic tricks and choose from three different modes in puzzle game that are story, Survival and challenge. The music and background story make Sparkle 2 even more addictive. So don not waste your time and have fun!