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Solitaire Description

Tri Tower Solitaire: Classic is an overwhelming card game with impressive gameplay and wonderful graphics. It is an entertaining board game designed meticulously to have fun and just enjoy the game. The goal is to reach the top of three castles by opening all the cards. You should collect the cards gradually opening the and clearing the previous line. You can take any card that is smaller or larger the one you already have if there is no card that will correspond to the rule take from the pile and repeat the same until you will find the necessary one to complete the order. You had better hurry because the time is running and consequently the extra points you could have gained are decreasing. Try to perform rapidly so that you will have the chance to set a new high score. In case you get stuck use the wild card and it will enable you to pick any card you want. If you do not manage to open all the castles and clear up the cards the game is over.