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Soldier Attack 1 Description

Welcome to Soldier Attack 1 shooting game. It is an amazing game with addictive gameplay and an extraordinary concept. Players play as a soldier who is surrounded by aliens. You need to destroy all of them to complete the missions. You start with rather easy ones and evolve to more complicated levels. Each dead alien will give you certain points. Just target the alien’s head and shoot in the correct direction. Try to make use of minimal shots given to obtain more extra scores. If you surpass the limit of the number of shots, you will not get any points at all. So be attentive and click the button only when necessary. They can be moving to different directions or protected by wooden blocks that need to removed first. Sometimes the ground the soldier is standing on is also moving making the targeting even more complicated. Make sure you are a smart shooter. Can you set a new high score and end all the levels with perfect result? Attack all the aliens and win the Soldier Attack 1 game. Good luck.