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Soccertastic Description

Soccer makes life more interesting and entertaining. Want to try one with Soccertastic? Get in the soccer game and impress with your individual skill. It is a penalty game that requires accuracy and great focus. Make your team a champion scoring a great number of goals. Can you do it? It is your word against goal keeper’s word. Both of you are alone so take your chance. This is your best opportunity in soccer game. Your time is restricted and you have to manage score a huge number of goals until the time is over. Each level is more complicated as the goal keeper becomes stronger with new abilities the same way as your character develops over time. In first levels player only kick to score a goal but in advanced one they are able to hit the green areas and gain bonus points. This 3D soccer game offers numerous techniques to try to win over the goal keeper. Take your time but remember you can make your team champions and maybe set s new record. Trust your feelings and skills you can do it just relax and have fun with your favorite sport game.