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Snowman Slide Description

Have you known snowmen also have dreams? Make sure of it in a Snowman Slide fun puzzle game. So it has a big dream to become a unicorn a colorful one. So you should help him with this. It can happen when it goes through portals that are located in each level in the game. Before entering the portals collect all the coins to complete the level. The snowman slides from angle to angle by gathering the coins and it cannot stop in the middle of a puzzle. Here you need a perfect strategy to get all the money and enter the portals safely. There are obstacles like water pools and snow blocks. When snowman fall in to the water game is over so be careful with it. When you are stuck in blocks that is not a big deal you can start the game again. Through levels the puzzles become more intricate so make a good use of your analytical skills. Try to use less moves while performing the slides. It is a crazy intense game with randomly generated levels. Have much fun with a snowman dreamer.