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Sneaky Stanly Description

Sneaky Stanly is a great agent that always works perfectly without any errors. In this arcade game players will take the role of a super important agent that has extremely confidential mission. He is trusted to break into a huge building for certain task. Stanley is told to get thirty precious stone that are located randomly in various areas in the construction. There are too many guards that protect the stones so it is going to be an intense mission. The employer will give you a map so there is no need to worry about getting lost in the tremendous building. Try to pass the guards so that they will not see you or the assignment is failed. You are a professional so utilize all your skills. As soon as you get the jewelry you must get out safely and arrive at the next area where is hidden the other stone. You are not safe until you find the way to the exit so be alert and stay invisible. Luck has always been on your side so let’s get it.