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SLIP 'N' SL-ICE PARTY Description

Let’s have fun with everyone’s favorite animals, penguins. One of the most attractive animal games that help you to have fun and relax. Penguins slide on the ice making everyone laugh as they are always in the center of attention while doing something funny. What can help players overcome the difficulties more easily and go through levels. Slip N SL-ice party provides everyone with tremendous time. When penguins so on ice there are cubs that players should collect. When they jump on the certain objects players earn points. When they see whales they should avoid them. Other animals also put the lives of penguins at stake so whenever possible dogde them because when penguins bump into them many times they lost their lives and the games will be over. Something that players are reluctant to accept. So be watchful on roads and do not have crashes. Players jump with the help of space bar and decide the direction while using left and right keys. The temperature is of great importance as it cannot be too cold or the opposite too hot. Try your luck and have fun.