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Sisters Of No Mercy Description

Sisters of No Mercy is a special skill game that requires concentration and some efforts to complete the game. The gameplay is extraordinary with a mixture of several elements of various genres. Players make use of unique abilities to make a plan and perform the strategy perfectly. They have two options while choosing a character. This assumes that they can change the character whenever they like during the game. When you meet a place where it feels like it is impossible to overcome just change the character and the solution is there. One of the sisters is very flexible and smart and the other is very strong with a huge weapon in her arms to destroy any wall on the way. The hero has a particular task and it should be done without any mistakes. You can jump or slide to pass the barriers on the way. The system is well protected but never mind as it is not a big deal for you. You need to hack the system and quickly find the way to the exit. The mission is complete and you can pass on to the next one.