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Sift Heads World Act 1 Description

This game is a continuation of the famous project Sift Heads World, already had time to fall in love with fans of browser-based mini games. Once again, you will face the task of physically eliminating people who are interfering with the achievement of your goals. You have a car and weapons. Jump into the car and squeeze the accelerator to the limit, if someone tries to prevent you, for example, the police, in this case, you have a machine gun. Be discouraged from their persecution, because life moves according to harsh laws: either you or you. The game supports the support of physical forms, so seldom, in order to perform one action, it is necessary to do the second one first. Control: Management in the game is carried out using the mouse and keyboard. for aiming and firing use mouse. The R key allows you to start the stage again, the spacebar for the action. Board for the passage: To kill a policeman, you need to break the glass with bullets, so do not expect that the patrol car will untie you after the first shot in her direction.