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SHADEZ Description

Description of the online game "Game of Shades" (original name Shadez_The_Black_Operations). The game for boys who want to become military, and likes to shoot. Learn not on the battlefield, but on the games-simulators. Using a computer mouse, choose a warrior for yourself. Use the Space key to fire on the advancing enemy. The enemy is also armed. He is firing heavy fire. His powers exceed yours. But with intensive and accurate shooting you can destroy it. But you are one. For victory, create your army. Click the Troop symbol. The process of recruiting and attracting troops to the war began. When the clock shows that the process is over, your troops are ready to fight. On the Update tab, you can add weapons to your arsenal. Having created and armed the army, you are ready for action. Good luck! Management in the game is carried out using a computer mouse and keyboard.