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Save To Kill Description

Save to Kill is an amazing arcade shooting game with glorious gameplay and unique concept as the main hero of the story is a militant vampire. This is rather surprising right? Well this shooting game is full of secrets so get ready for that. Players direct the vampire that has to fight against an army of machines. Sounds weird, as vampires usually use people as a target. However, we have a problem that si machines damage the population all over the world and definitely vampire lack blood resources so he has to stop the machines at any cost. It gives some retro feels as vampire battle in a firefight. Every opponent that dies provers the players with gems. After collecting necessary level, they can be used to purchase special moves and improve the attacks. While fighting players make use of various specific attacks and moves that require special energy. So use them wisely not to run out of your energy. Will the vampire manage to ruin the army is all up to you. Good luck on your mission.