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Sacra Terra: Angelic Night Description

Sacra Terra: Angelic Night is an extraordinary puzzle game that transform players to a completely different world of perils and terrifying adventures. The hero wakes up in a hospital room that looks rather bizarre for a hospital. How has he appeared there? This is what we are going to find out. But first you need to get out of the room safely. The place is scaring as the walls and floor is covered with blood and everything around is dirty and confusing. He cannot remember anything though he is strong enough to overcome the hardships. Think carefully and try to search for something that will help to open the locked door. The windows are closed and the key is left in the door lock from the other side so you need to get rid of the key and then find an item that will set you free. There is a huge picture of a unknown doctor on the wall. May this be related to the event somehow? You are going to discover the whole story by picking all the items from the list. They will give the chance to disappear from this horrifying place as soon as possible.