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Robot Triceratops Description

We will need to train several new soldiers for a new war that continues and flares up with renewed vigor on the planet Cybertron. So, today we need to build a robot, which looks like a herbivorous lizard, which is called Triceratops. For the first time, Optimus Prime noticed it about 60 million years ago in the territory of present-day North America. He really liked the way the dinosaur owned its horns on the muzzle and the bone collar. The engineers were tasked with creating such a Dinobot so that he would join the ranks of the Grimlock army. You must collect it using the parts that are in the box. Click on the red button to open it, and then place the items in the right places. After this, there are two actions to choose from: go for testing or immediately to the war against the red dragon. We strongly recommend not to hurry and first try out all possible attack and attack options, and after the training, you can also compete with the dangerous Decepticon. Having defeated him several times, you will be able to open a new skill, a super strong attack, which is initially not available to anyone. Enjoy!