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Robo Duel Fight 3 - Beast Description

The third part of the game Robo duel fight again promising to be uncompromising. There is many Robo warriors wich are looking like beasts and many game modes. "2 players" mode where you'll compete with your mate on one screen. "duel arena" where you'll play online with another player from around the world. "vs CPU" in this mode, you'll stand vs CPU. "survival" where the winning trophy goes to the player, which's health staying strong until the end. there are many power-ups that you can pick up before entering the battle. each of them will improve some of available four skills (health, power, attack sensibility, armor). and some jewel stones or gold wich can increase opponent's injury, and earned scores. there are many robots and you can choose any of them, also winning some clashes will make you open new robots and control them. Good Luck!