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Robin Hood Description

Robin Hood is surely one of the most favorite and popular heroes of all times. He is the famous noble criminal that stole the wealthy to give away their treasures to the poor. He helped them greatly and became a real hero for them. Robin Hood: Give and Take introduces some of his cool adventures and enables the players take part in the greatest robberies of the time. It is an arcade game with most obsessive gameplay ever. Let’s check how flexible and smart you are. The players take the role of Robin Hood and tries to steal from a rich nobleman. He is in a dark castle full of numerous guards that should be avoided at any cost. You should not allow them to discover you otherwise they will put you in jail and you cannot help people in need anymore. Hide behind the curtains or dower chests so that the soldiers will not notice you. Try to steal as many coins and jewelry as possible. Do not be humble this time as it will be a charity. Try your luck and set high scores.