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Rival Rush Description

Become a new star in a fantastic driving game Rival Rush. Are you sure about your skills? You want others to learn about them so waste your time and get started. An awesome racing game gives the overwhelming feeling of driving at full speed. You can become the leader of the roads and complete all the levels as a real master. The way is not going to be an easy one. The traffic is heavy and you should concentrate all your abilities to make it to finish. Can you show others some surprise. Remember that you should avoid any car on your road as you are not allowed to create accidents so do not lose your sped and be alert on your way. Choose from six various freeways offered by the game. Be strong enough to overcome the intense race in this crazy car game. Reach the goal without damaging others or your own car. It is a true way to success. Let’s see how far you can make it. Good luck and be careful on the road.