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Raptor Rage Description

"Raptor's Rage" will give many pleasant minutes to all players over 5 years old. Dinosaurs lived a calm, measured life among dense woods and open grassy lawns. But people came with their agricultural intentions and brought strange creatures with them. Under the barrage of chainsaws, dense woods disappeared, the peaceful life of prehistoric dinosaurs was threatened. In this fascinating game, you will help Ricky and his congeners to confront outsiders and postpone the death of the Raptors. The fight will not be easy! You have to find a farm, spread it and destroy 6 tyrant animals KillaGorilla, Raging Bull, black sheep and others. The main thing is to destroy the most powerful creature, the leader of the invaders! Attention! Although it's very easy to manage a character, the victory is given at a considerable price. The secret is that after the defeat the animal splits, after which both new creatures again attack. Control: Movement left, right mouse, The right mouse button to strike