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Pretentious Game 4 Description

This game will be a great gift for fans of arcades and puzzles. Not pretending to be entertaining, it will offer you a lot of fascinating puzzles. The meaning of the passage of missions in this game is reduced to the fact that you need to connect the blue square with pink. But this, the simplest, at first glance, the task will become more complicated from level to level. For passing some levels you will have to use various things, there will also be items in the game that you will need to avoid meetings with. Seldom you'll need to look for the hidden path. These elements of the play make it more diverse and entertaining. You will need considerable dexterity and ingenuity. Each level of the game will introduce something new into the game process, complicating the task facing the players. advice for gameplay: Read the hints that are given in each new mission, they will help you carry out the next task. If you need to restart the level, press RESET in the upper corner of the screen