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Police Team Rescue Description

Police Team Rescue is united to save a girl in need. Welcome to an amazing adventure game with an intriguing background story and addictive gameplay. The story begins when criminal kidnapped a girl and took her to a haunted building. He keeps the girl under strong guard. Two policemen are united to perform the operation and succeed it. They should think of an ideal plan as how to reach the girl and pass the criminals that guard her without being caught. The one should get the girl and the other should help him by taking essential cup and moving the barriers from the way. There is a limit in time so they should hurry though a time can be find in the building that will increase the amount until the mission is over. Collect the coins for power-ups and leave the place safely with the girl. This is all that is required from the players. Remember that you are a team and if one of them fails the whole group fails. Keep together and have success.