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Plant VS Zombies 2 Description

Imagine what happens when you have to independently defend your own home and will not help. The very first rule, in this case, is to take the most advantageous position for conducting combat operations. Your hero from the game Plants vs Zombies 2 it's about time settled on the wall of his house and prepared to accept the blow, but the enemy chose an attack tactic from the air. Zombies invented special bubbles to move through the sky. And now strive to get to you from above. Do not let them do this. Look at the cherries and peppers, these things will help you in an unequal battle.A passage is very active and will drag you on for a long time, many will want to download Plants vs Zombies 2 to your computer or tablet or mobile phone android to regularly have access to it. How to play Plants vs Zombies 2: It's easy enough to play. The main thing to have time to shoot all the bubbles with the attackers, until they land on your lawn. And if you aim and blow up a ball with cherries or peppers, you will see what a wonderful and effective blow they will inflict on the army of monsters. To shoot, use the space bar. And pepper and cherry shells are activated by the button S and S, combined with the arrow to the left (baked explosion). To properly calculate the trajectory of the fire, move with the help of the up and down arrows. Try not to allow a moment when the zombies fall to the ground, otherwise, you will lose. Given the fact that the release of the second part of the game Plants vs Zombies 2 is unofficial, the version for the computer is very decent. It is absolutely functional, and management is understandable even to those who are used to the menu in Russian. This Android emulator is a great way to have fun in a familiar environment and shoot a little. In the territory of this fun, you will meet surprises and novelties. For example, a different venue for battles will be available. Go to Egypt or to brave cowboys, in pursuit of victory and glory. In each new location, there will be unique monsters, bonuses, and adventures!