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Pikes Description

Pikes is an outstanding funny arcade game with motivating gameplay. It possesses multiplayer combat mode. Players should select a character they want to play with and it can change its appearance in any color or shape. The character owns a great pike that will help to defeat the enemies. It moves on the area picking anything that come on the way. You have map at hand so it is easier to follow the movements of the rivals. The ultimate aim is to absorb all the multicolored squares that are located on the ground. Do not miss the chance to improve the pike making it longer and deadly by collecting the squares. Utilize the pike to destroy the opponent that may cross your way. Direct the character by the mouse and use the space button to add the speed while moving. The enemies should not touch you as this will bring you to a sticky end. Watch out and avoid the attacks. As your weapon evolves and becomes more powerful to defeat the enemy gets easier. Enjoy Pikes game and have a lot of fun setting new high scores.