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Pet Vet Description

Pet Vet is a special kids game developed by famous company Nickelodeon based on popular characters from different cartoons. One of the main characters is Spongebob. In this animal game you are responsible for the pets brought to you. There is a long row in the waiting room and a huge amount of animals. All of them need treatment so your role is to help them and make sure they are recovered and feel better. Each pet has some instructions to follow so that it will be easy for players to do their duties. However, as they are in danger you have to hurry. The time is limited so players should manage to finish their treatment otherwise they cannot save the pet and go the next round. Everything depends on your skills and abilities. Put your heart in you work and do your job quickly so that the time will no run out before you manage to end it. It is always pleasant to play with cute pets, especially when they are in need. Do not let them suffer more. Be patient and have fun.