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Penalty 2014 Description

Kicker versus the keeper in this fantastic soccer game that takes place on the beach. Penalty 2014 is an awesome penalty game with funny characters and exciting gameplay. Choose the correct timing for the attack. The goalkeeper is rather skillful and he moves around trying to guess the exact direction who will hit. The target point is also moving so who should stop it in a perfect position to score goal. You have only three minutes so hurry up and make him suffer and do not let him relax. Show off your real capabilities in soccer and impress everyone. Be a professional and do not act as if it is you are the best player. Win the championship and get the trophy. During the limited time your scored goals should be more than the chances you missed. This means your general points are more than the goalkeeper’s. If you fail scoring more goals than he saved you lose the game. This is your chance use it carefully. Good luck on the competition. Make your way to the final stage.