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Paris Rex Description

Rex now terrorizes Paris. It is necessary to destroy everything on its way and feed its great appetite! Bon Appetit! Tyrannosaurus Rex in Paris is an exciting game in which you can destroy everything that gets under your feet: cars, people, cisterns, garbage cans nothing can be spared! The mouse is used to control the head of a dinosaur. You can rotate your head up and down. The left mouse button causes a bite. Run up to the person and press the bite button. It must be pressed several times to not only take but also to eat a person. In further levels, there may be difficulties with London policemen who will resist shooting at you from weapons and using explosives. You have a health bar that can decrease when you are attacked. Each level consists in the destruction of various objects, such as boxes and cars. You also get points for jumping on these objects. Other elements, such as cans, can be kicked. They can be thrown forward by nearby residents. To find all hidden stars, you need to destroy all objects. Go through all 24 different levels running this powerful dinosaur and help him destroy the whole of Paris! Cylinders of fuel transform your meek animal into a real dragon! Having swallowed such a thing, a dinosaur can spew a hellfire, devouring flesh and steel. The main task is to extract pieces of meat hidden in machines. Find them all. At the initial levels, this is not difficult, but moving closer to the center of the city, you will meet a furious resistance of soldiers.