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Paper Plane Flight Description

Definitely most of people tried to make a paper plane at least once. Paper plane flight is a kids game that gives you the opportunity to go back to times when you have fun by making such airplanes. In this flying game you will find a realistic concept of popular game with newly refreshed rules and goals. Players select a paper plane for the first game, an item that can be improved over time. The goal is to throw the paper plane as long distance as possible. It is ruled by the mouse as you find the correct destination to throw the paper. They can be improved due to money earned during the game. There are six extremely different levels and each give alternatives to obtain points to purchase new engine or other items for the plane. Besides players can gain extra power to throw plane further and make it lighter. Each level offers new challenges such as to fly for a certain amount of days over different countries. Flying game has progressive possibilities that keep the interest of the players.